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Happy New Year!

2018 here we come. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high. Small businesses are excited. C Corps are more than excited with the new tax law. Even Trump appears to be less in the headlines than just three months ago. Overall 2018 shapes up to be another great year although there will be tailwinds to be concerned about. After all, you can drink all night but eventually you have to crash.

But for now let the party continue. 2017 was an amazing year for TNG and how much fun we all had concluding it on our Magical Mystery Tour to Cleveland, OH. Who would think of going to Cleveland to celebrate? Actually Cleveland is a great town and we got the opportunity to enjoy dinner at Morton’s, the Broadway musical, On Your Feet, and then spend a day at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It was a total blast.

2018 will be another great year for TNG as we are launching more than 170 new products this month alone. Some of my personal favorites, all from Ginger Lily Farms,  include:

What makes these products so cool is that they all brand new innovations within the bath category. Everyone loves reading fortunes at Chinese restaurants; so much fun to toss in a few rocks to make any concoction you want; and how exciting to watch bubbles fill up the bathtub!

Speaking of bathing, taking a shower will never be the same with these products:

This product is so awesome because it feels like silk going on and leaves skin feel like silk drying off.

What makes this product so amazing is that it is like taking a glob of gelatin out of the container and rubbing it all over your body. The experience is over-the-top and when you are done, you just put the glob back into the container.

Just a couple more Ginger Lily Farms products that are so inspiring.

This product not only does wonders for lips like keeping lipstick on longer and removing dead skin, it is the tastiest thing you’ll ever want to put on your lips. YUM!

Butter lotion is like applying a stick of melted butter and cup of whipped cream onto your skin. Part of the family of our new liter collection, MSRP is only $9.99 and this is hand & body lotion is a knock-out.

My next blog I will share my other exciting items that are going to be sensational as well.

I wish all my readers health, happiness and best of success in 2018.



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