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Happy New Year!

There's nothing like the start of a new year to bring optimism, change and hope. Of course it all starts with you and your mindset: Self-love is the most important love and if you love yourself, then the world becomes a better place regardless of all the bullshit, hate and tension out there.

For me, it's the year of Take A Chance! and as you know, the book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for pre-order and launches April 9. The book spans my 50+ years being a beauty entrepreneur and ends in 2023. Now that we are into 2024, I have already begun writing the next chapter as 2024 is going to be a rockstar year for both myself and TNG. I am working on a way for my loyal readers to stay tuned-in after they read my book.

Just as exciting as my book, is my latest idea to enhance entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in Michigan. I am launching Take A Chance! $251,000 Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition March 1 and it's going to be the biggest pitch competition in Michigan. Michigan needs more innovation and entrepreneurs to create new businesses and I hope this will be an incentive to move in the right direction. Of course a little help from Lansing for small business creation would be welcome too.

2024 is going to be a remarkable year. U-M has the opportunity to become world champions again for the first time since 1997 (we won't even talk about MSU). Experts have pegged the stock market to reach new all-time highs with the S&P hitting 5000 and I think the Dow at 45,000 is not unreasonable in 2025-2026. Then we have the elections in November. One of my favorite editorial writers is Nolan Finley who predicts a bad year for the GOP and that the Dem's are going to nominate someone else other than Biden. Those are bold predictions but one thing is for certain, we need major changes.

I also think 2024 will be the first year in which we stop talking about the pandemic and post-pandemic. We want to get back to a sense of normalcy and while working in offices will never be the same, we just want our lives back to normal. The surge in travel, spending in restaurants and concerts suggests we want to live and have some fun. Amen!

BTW, if you haven't pre-ordered my book or have checked out our latest new products, please visit our website. You can also download our Spring 2024 catalog. Thank you and much health and success to you in 2024!


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