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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that magical time of the year in which in a very short time window we have so much to celebrate starting with Thanksgiving. Two of my kids and two of my grandchildren are coming in for the holiday and only because the third kid isn’t coming in, can we talk about politics without casserole dishes being tossed around. Then again, does anyone really want to talk about politics anymore?

It is the perfect time to be thankful for so many things. Here is a partial list, please feel free to add to it with your comments:

  1. Not spending the holiday in the hospital

  2. Not being homeless

  3. Not being an alcoholic or drug addict

  4. Not having any mental illnesses

  5. Not owning any guns and no plans to

  6. Having a car/SUV

  7. No credit card debt in double figures

  8. Having a job that pays more than $10/hr

  9. Happily married to the best person on earth (OK, I’m a little biased!)

  10. Working out daily

  11. No longer having to waste Saturday’s watching Spartan football

  12. Not having cancer and being able to support ACS (TNG raised more than $100K this year once again)

  13. Being able to walk normal again after hip surgery

  14. Not being hungry and able to enjoy turkey, whipped potatoes, whipped sweet potatoes, veggie casserole, salad, rolls, condiments, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie, key lime pie, apple pie, red wine, single malt Scotch and not having to clean up afterwards!

  15. More than 100 of the greatest talent working at TNG

  16. Crackling fire on a cold night

  17. Ass on the beach with a cold one in each hand (OK, the cold ones are not going to happen!) looking at the ocean

  18. Delta, Starbucks, Apple and Costco

  19. My dedicated blog readers who read my bullshit each month

  20. Not living in California

  21. Duolingo and Candy Crush

  22. Buddy’s Pizza

  23. Dean Sanjay who got away with $3M

As human beings we love to complain, toss out our opinions, pretend we are the best coaches and appreciate that misery loves company. But in the end, it’s all noise and one more thing I am thankful for: Ability to filter out noise. After all, we are on this side of the grass for a very short time and why not enjoy that time instead of bitching about it?

So there you go. Happy Thanksgiving and I will enjoy every minute of it and eat too much too quickly. Will I get up for that second plate? Absolutely. Will I have seconds on dessert? Absolutely. Will I enjoy that glass of single malt? Absolutely. My wishes for you is that get to enjoy the same.



Adam Harris was born in coal country, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. His father, Gregory, worked the mines every day and came home to his best friend, Jim Beam. Gregory had many frie


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