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Have You Received Recognition in the Past 7 Days?

Gallup Organization is the leader in employee and customer engagement studies, methodology and implementation. We should know, we have been students of Gallup for more than three years.

Their employee engagement test is simply called Q12. It is comprised of 12 questions, each ranked 1 to 5 with a 5 being the highest level of engagement.

One of the questions that ranks among the lowest score of the dozen is "Have you received recognition in the past 7 days?"

Recognition can come from a co-worker, manager, or customer. It can be formal or informal. It can be as simple as "good job" to a written note.

Gallup points out that people are quick to point out errors, mistakes, screw ups and bad customer service. But the same people are aloof in providing positive feedback.

Like anything, it's easy to get involved with this early on but as time passes, it's easy to let it fade into the sunset. Gallup has pointed out that for engagement to be on the high end, recognition is important (when deserved).

With this in mind, I would like to recognize a few individuals as I have muddled through several projects over the past few weeks.

Dan, Jesse, Charles and Jason for doing the heavy work in loading and unloading the store fixtures.

Shelly for providing the design graphics. Dennis and Chuck for getting the display materials on time. Rick from Innovative Media who got not one, not two, but three installers on location to keep the signage hanging.

Craig for getting the Academy sound station up and working plus a redesign to boot. Mark for creating software to install a scanning station for our outlet center. The CTS talent for organizing their first clearance sale. 

Kelly for organizing two great Academy events, Hair Manya and Rockaholic. Finally Gaye and especially Rob for working out the transfers, price records and new product setups for the flagship store.

I will say one thing more for Gallup's Q12: Simple questions but not easy to do consistently. But in the end, priceless.

Happy Wednesday!


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