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Head Lice, Nits and Get Them Gone!

One of the strangest things about life is that we have no idea about most things until we trip over them. For instance, do you have any idea where the maternity stores are until you are pregnant? Until you have a medical condition, do you have any idea what that condition is or how to deal with it?

Head lice happens to be another one of those strange things. But according to, some 6-12 million cases of head lice occur each year and most of those are in school age kids.

Now I don't know about you, but if I had lice and/or nits (before they become lice) alive and well in my hair, I would do anything to get rid of them (well, perhaps I wouldn't set my head on fire). So if a kid comes home from school with a letter from the teacher that there are lice present at school, I certainly know what the parent(s) would do: Buy lice prevention stuff and buy it fast.

All of which brings me to the point of today's blog. I was presented with a fabulous line of all natural, organic hair care products that do nothing but deal with head lice. There is the signature prevention product and the product that kills lice if already in the head. And the obligatory shampoo and conditioner designed for kids.

There are no shortages of lice products on the market. I was assured that there are no products like these and they work. I have plenty of testimonials to back it up and we are getting ready to launch the line in September.

But first, what is your experience with head lice and nits? What product(s) have you tried? And are you excited that we would be selling a product line like this? (We are going to be selling a special comb as well).

Happy Tuesday!


Adam Harris was born in coal country, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. His father, Gregory, worked the mines every day and came home to his best friend, Jim Beam. Gregory had many frie


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