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Higher Education Is Where The Action Is might sell every conceivable thing on the planet at huge discounts, but one thing for certain is that Amazon can’t sell is higher education.

This is a good thing.

Higher education is on a tear and rightfully so. It expands your mind and opens up new opportunities. And I’m not talking about Master’s and PhD’s either.

Just take a look at the unemployment rate of high school drop-outs. Compare that to high school graduates. And if you compare high school graduates to those that completed an Associate’s degree, you would be shocked. Then again, the gains for completing a B.A. vs.. an Associates are compelling as well.

What I find even more surprising is the role higher education plays in the salon industry. Our Academy has never been busier with salon professionals taking advanced courses so they can become better skilled. Today alone we had a sold out braiding course. Tracy Bocci inspired 31 hairdressers on how to do braids. Many in attendance never did braids before but they know with prom, graduation and wedding season fast approaching, now is a good time to learn.

These hairdressers spent $99 each and devoted an entire day to the course. Afterwards, many will go back to their salons, practice on fellow hairdressers and then start charging their client’s for braiding services.

Higher education done right is motivating, increases productivity, innovation and even in a low-tech industry such as ours, makes a difference.

Happy Monday!


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