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We already know women love shopping. Can you imagine malls being built for men? Sears, Montgomery Ward and J.C. Penney knew this more than 100 years ago when they introduced mail order catalogs. And when Jeff Bezos launched, women were lining up to shop online.

But who would have thought that in 2009 women would still shop from their TV? Infomercial's have never been more popular. You know, buy this for $19.95. But wait. If you buy in the next ten minutes, we will toss in another one for FREE! But wait, if you buy in the next five minutes, we toss in this and that for FREE. And if you call right now, we'll give you this and that for FREE too. All this for only $19.95 (and $15.00 s/h).

Conversely, HSN, QVC and start-up Shop NBC are doing more business today than ever before. Their #1 category: jewelry. Their #2 category: beauty.

Women love beauty on TV. Why? Perhaps it's the guest artist. Perhaps it's the allure. Perhaps it offers a unique solution for the moment. Perhaps it's because of boredom. Perhaps women want to try something new and they trust TV.

Whatever the reason, beauty is proliferating and perhaps it's time to get our products on TV. Question is, what products? There has to be a story. There has to be a reason to buy. There has to be intrigue.

Of all the products we sell, which single brand or product do you think would do best on TV?

Happy Friday!


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