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I Have A Best Friend At Work

OK, I have to admit that 26 postings for head lice versus 6 postings for the state of the nail industry is quite telling. So now I am thinking which topics will bring the most interest and I have come up with nail fungus, dandruff, thinning hair-forget serious stuff!

Since I had only one request to complete the customer engagement questions, I thought I would sidestep to an even bigger subject: employee engagement. According to Gallup, 17% of employees are strongly disengaged from their job and 46% are somewhat disengaged. This suggests that nearly two-thirds of all employees aren't having fun at work nor contributing valuable ideas and customer success.

I can write hours about engagement but for today, I will focus on one of the 12 questions included in the Gallup Q12 survey: I have a best friend at work.

Now mind you when I was presented this question, I not only laughed but I questioned Gallup why this question is relevant. Their scientists came back to me with their research that clearly stated that those employees that have a best friend at work are happier, enjoy coming to work more often, and tend to be more productive and hence, engaged.

I also asked Gallup what about a good friend at work? They sternly came back and stated that a good friend isn't loyal enough, it must be a best friend! I mean, how many best friends does one have to begin with; three is a bunch.

For TNG, while we score typically in the 77% percentile for Q12, this question has always been tough to score high on. But after two and half years struggling with this question, I hate to say that Gallup is right on. That is one reason why we have teams, company events, mentors and so forth.

In salons and spas, this question is quite relevant. Best friends tend to stay together so when one leaves the salon, the other typically leaves and when one decides to stay, the other stays. To keep salon talent motivated, this question becomes a key to success and lack of turnover.

My question to you today is: Do you have a best friend of work and what do you think of Gallup's position on this question.

Happy Thursday!


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