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If VIA Sells, Anything is Possible

You got to hand it to Howard Schultz: He will try anything. Proof positive is the launch of his new VIA.

What is VIA you ask? It's innovative, it's tasty, it's expensive and it's something you shake your head and ask yourself, "Are you kidding me?"

VIA is instant coffee packed in a little tiny package about the size of a green bean. Each package makes one 8-oz. cup of Starbuck's coffee. Oh, you can buy a 12-pack for about $10, or about 80 cents a piece.

Who is going to spend 80 cents for a cup of coffee that one: You have to have boiling water available and two: You have to have a cup available and three: You have to have something to stir the coffee available?

Schultz thinks millions will. I tried VIA and surprisingly so, it tasted like fresh-brewed coffee.

Coffee pods have become big business and sell for about the same price. However, you need a pod maker to make pod coffee. With VIA, you only need boiling water. So I thought about the instances that I would use VIA instead of my coffee maker or my visit to Starbucks:

Hiking and camping: Perhaps 3 VIA's in the next 20 years Airplane: Delta still offers boiling water for free Stuck in a place with no Starbucks: Impossible McDonald's: Just to prove that VIA is better than their fresh brewed coffee

I hope VIA is a success. If consumers are willing to pay 80 cents a pop, then I'm thinking the re-invention of shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion and other packets is a must. Consumers surely want to use the same products when they travel as they do at home. And packets are TSA safe, convenient just like VIA. And at 80 cents each, affordable.

In fact, I am envisioning a whole slew of packet ideas. We already love them for ketchup, mustard, wet naps, sweeteners, and make-up removers. I'm sure Hershey will offer chocolate packets (better tasting than GOO). And how about Charmin packets? I have a lot of work to do because I can see modern civilization turning into a packet society. China, India, Vietnam will demand packets.

OK, I got to go and write all this stuff down. In the meantime, let me know how VIA sells Howard.

Happy Thursday!


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