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Immerse Spa at MGM Grand Detroit Earns Mobil 4-Star Award

Who would have ever thought that Detroit would have one of the best spas in the country? Fact is, we do.

Mobil doesn't hand out 4-Star ratings too easily (they also gave MGM Grand one too). After experiencing Immerse, you can see why they earned it for 2009.

I first laid eyes on Immerse Spa when I got the tour of MGM after it first opened in October 2007. I was amazed at what I saw then and the only thing that has changed since is that the staff has improved to match the quality of the amenities.

First off, they have the nicest indoor pool in the U.S. and I have been to plenty of spas. They actually have lounge chairs and mini-cabanas spread around a huge pool with piped-in spa music.

The work-out room is well-equipped although seldom used. I think guests at MGM flex their muscle pushing the slot buttons more than the free weights.

But it's the locker rooms that sets Immerse apart from others. You would not think you were in Detroit but in Vegas or Arizona. The locker rooms boast all the required wet pleasures (steam, sauna, whirlpool) along with rain showers, deluxe amenities and ultra soft and large towels. The only thing missing is iced washcloths and cucumber slices for the steam room.

The treatment rooms are tastefully done and the waiting lounge is acceptable. The salon features 3 pedicure stations, 2 manicure stations and 3 styling chairs (they are looking for a full or part-time stylist-great opportunity for those that have clientele and want to come to a great place).

This past weekend I had their "Player's" pedicure. A few days earlier I visited an upscale salon and had a manicure. Tomorrow I will review both services and you will learn the true secret to being a four star destination.

Happy Monday!


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