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In-Salon Classes for Consumers

Home Depot offers classes on everything from deck building to carpet installation. Williams Sonoma offers classes on cooking. Michael's offers classes on knitting.

Naturally the premise of retailers offering classes to consumers is not only to build store loyalty but to sell them products. Once you taste a panini sandwich made on a panini maker, you are more likely to buy a panini maker.

As mentioned in my last blog, more consumers are doing their hair and nails at home than ever before. Consumers are buying boxed hair color, Pantene shampoo and styling products, Sally Hansen nail polish and Maybelline makeup.

So here is the idea at large. What if salons offered classes to consumers on haircutting, styling, manicuring and makeup? Consumers who don't visit salons regularly would now be drawn into the salon environment. Instead of consumers buying retail brands, they would buy salon brands. For salon owners, instead of making money on services they would make money on products.

Salon clientele would not be affected. In fact, they would be impressed that the salon they frequent is bold and talented enough to offer classes.

Classes could be held on Sunday's and Monday's without creating conflict with regular clients. Goodwill would be huge and an even bigger benefit would be that eventually the same consumers would took the class would become a client since we all know results are never the same at home as at the salon.

Here is one final idea for you to ponder. Keratin straightening is a hot topic. Unfortunately, the formaldehyde issue has yet to be taken seriously but it will. In the meantime, women love it. We are now selling an at-home kit that is formaldehyde-free and works wonders. It's called Liquid Keratin and retails for $69.00.

The idea is that the salon buys the kit from us for $51.75 and offers a Keratin class for $100. The consumer gets the kit included and learns from the stylist how do it properly at home. All the while the stylist also uses salon styling products to sell after the class.

Imagine the possibilities.

Happy Thursday!


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