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Influence of Social Proof

You got to love phrases like "social proof." This reminds me when I was in high school and college. The teacher or professor would highlight phrases along with their meanings. We would have to memorize these phrases and their meanings to take the tests. Afterwards, if anyone asked us about the phrases and the meanings we would look at them like they came from Mars.

We don't remember phrases and their meanings. We don't remember jokes for the same reason. But we do understand them when explained to us and then we have that "ah-ha" moment when our actions match the terms. I love those "ah-ha" moments.

Social Proof provides many "ah-ha" moments. If you want to Google Social Proof, go ahead. Or you can click on the hyperlink I provided you. If you have never clicked on a hyperlink, most likely you won't this time. But if you have and if you know others that have, then it is social proof that it is OK to do it.

Have you ever wondered what makes a restaurant, night club, movie or new product "hot?" Most restaurants, night clubs, movies and new products fail miserably. But we all know the restaurant that people wait in line for because one or more of their friends told them you must go. The same holds true for night clubs, movies and new products. Again, this is Social Proof in action.

Fact is, most of us want to be told what is "hot" versus being the early adopters (Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point). This is why launching something new is so difficult. The flip side is also difficult. When early adopters tell others not to go to a restaurant, night club, movie or buy a certain product, people listen and don't. More Social Proof.

Kemon is a perfect example of Social Proof. When we launched this brand last year, we targeted early adopters. Hairdressers loved the color, the products, the story and consequently, told other hairdressers. Now people are calling us to buy it. Social Proof at its best.

The question is how can we use Social Proof to influence consumers to buy more of our products and services?

Happy Thursday!


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