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Introducing My Readers-Affordable, Fashionable Reading Glasses

I have to admit I was pretty lucky growing up--I never needed glasses or contacts. Both my parents always wore glasses so I have idea how I slipped by.

My mother would forget her glasses when she left the house so she would wear sunglasses indoors. It came to the point that she wouldn't even know she was wearing sunglasses. I never wanted to be that person!

And the thing about having multiple pairs around the house is such a pain in the you know what. But alas, the computer generation and age caught up to me and while I need glasses for computers and reading, I am still glass free otherwise.

Not being able to read without glasses provides challenges and many businesses aren't even aware of them. The biggest challenge of all? Restaurants. I love going to a restaurant for dinner where the lights are dim, candles are flickering and then they hand me the menu. I take one look at it and the writing is so small that even if I was 20 years old in broad daylight I would have troubles reading it.

I have found 3 solutions for this. One, have the menu read to me. Believe it or not, it is a bunch of fun especially with a good glass of cab. Second, have the waiter recommend wine and the entree and go with it. And finally, use a lighted magnifying glass. This option is rather cool if you remember to bring the blasted thing with you.

Oh, there is a fourth solution: Bring a pair of glasses to dinner with you. Hence, the boom of reading glasses. Unlike prescription glasses, readers come in fixed diopters and depending on how blind you are depends on which diopters you need.

Readers are available at many retailers. But the thing about Readers is that you never know when you need a pair (or several). They are a tremendous impulse item because we are always breaking, losing or misplacing them. So we need a pair for each room of the house, each car and every office.

My Readers is the perfect solution for salons and spas to reach out to their customers by offering them very cool, very affordable Readers.

Up next: My Reminders. The newest and latest gadget to remind you to do things so you won't forget.

Happy Wednesday!


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