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It’s So Hot

  1. After running 6 miles and jumping into the pool, steam comes out

  2. Speaking of swimming, it’s like swimming in a whirlpool. In Florida, some resorts actually add ice cubes to cool down the pool

  3. Baskin-Robbins dropped ice cream cones and now sells milkshake cones

  4. A/C no matter how high you set it doesn’t get your bedroom below 70

  5. You don’t need a fire to roast marshmallows

  6. Dogs no longer stick their heads out of car windows

  7. You have to add ice cubes to beer to keep it cold

  8. You can cook hot dogs on your grill without firing it up

  9. LeBron James can’t take the heat. No bull. BTW: who is going to watch ESPN tonight? Brrrr.

  10. A cold winter January day in Detroit sounds good. Well, it’s not that hot.

  11. Happy Thursday!

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