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It's Not Business As Usual

I remember when the first McDonald's opened up. I'm not sure if Ronald was around at that time, but I do remember the golden arches. Fries, burgers and soda were a dime apiece. The place was packed and the food was to die for.

I remember when Burger King first opened up. I was around 16 and the line was around the building to experience the Whopper. After waiting 40 minutes, I ordered 2 of them (they were $.49 each), large fries and Diet Coke. They were the best burgers ever.

I remember when the first Wendy's opened up. David wasn't there to greet us but his Frosty's and Singles were amazing.

And I can surely remember when the first Arby's opened up. What was better than the Mocha shake and roast beef sandwich with lots of Arby's Sauce (both red and white)!

Over the years, each of the restaurants opened next to each other. The competition was fierce. McDonald's always the leader, became complacent and then decided to change their kitchens which decreased the quality of their food. The competition ate their lunch. The stock dove.

Then the new CEO tore out the kitchens, put innovation back in place and the rest is history. McDonald's owns breakfast, owns the snack business and soon will own coffee. Oh yeah, they own burgers too. Their sales are up over last year and they are crushing the competition.

For McDonald's, it's not business as usual. Even Starbuck's is wondering what happened and while Starbuck's tried breakfast, they flopped. Now Starbuck's has to figure out how to find themselves again before it's too late.

Salons and spas have to rethink their business model. Supplies account for less than 10% of overall costs and we are doing everything we can do to minimize those. It's all about the talent and customer relationship and maximizing every dollar potential.

Now is the time to throw ideas out there that make sense. I would love to hear some of your ideas.

Happy Friday!


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