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It's Official: We Are Now tng worldwide!

At our annual company meeting at the Ritz Carlton Saturday, I made one of the biggest announcements in company history: We are changing our name to tng worldwide effective January 1, 2009.

Everyone cheered and hooted and then wondered what it meant for them. For The Industry Source, it meant that after ten years, the name is being retired (we will keep it for the stores during transition). For Beauty Direct, it meant that since 1995, the name is being retired to tng worldwide wholesale.

I also previewed the all-new look for tng worldwide including thebeautybook and magazine. These two are so exciting that you will have to see them for yourself to experience how incredible they are.

Not to be outdone, I announced our all-new loyalty program simply called Nailco Gold. This is another very exciting program that will launch January 2 on our all-new website,

The changes taking place for 2009 are incredible. Our new motto is:

And that is exactly what we will do in 2009. Two weeks and counting until thebeautybook 2009 edition comes out-our biggest edition yet!

Happy Monday!

P.S. I have jury duty the rest of the week--anyone care to join me?


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