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It's Your Turn

This story is about birth and death.

Right from birth, babies start out crying. Why?

It's their turn.

It's their turn to be fed, diaper changed, be fed, diaper changed and be fed. Parents never have a turn.

As the baby turns into child, life changes drastically. It's no longer their turn all the time anymore. Parents don't say yes at whim. And if there are brothers and sisters, watch out. A classic example is going to a petting zoo and they have pony rides. The line is long and all during the line the child asks

When is it going to be my turn?

Kids want it to be their turn all the time. When the teacher asks for volunteers and the hands go up, every kid wants to be picked first. When there is an extra dessert at lunch, every kid wants at it first. When playing sports, it always the same question

Is it my turn?

As we get older, taking turns gets less important. When the BUB and I went bungee jumping in Lake Tahoe, I went first. It was scary. When I finished, I yelled up "it's your turn!" The BUB looked at me and wished it wasn't. When the guys are shooting shots and after the 12th shot, you are staring at the filled shot glass in front of you, the last thing you want to hear is

It's your turn!

Life is about your turn. When you are first at the red light, when the light turns green, it is your turn to proceed first. When you are at an awards banquet and the presenter announces the winners in alphabetical order, you know when the presenter gets to your initial that it's going to be your turn. That happened last night when Daniel was called up by Mary Cramer from Crain's to receive his award for being one of the 20 in their 20's. Before guys tee up, they toss a tee to determine

Whose turn it is

As adults, it's all about turns. Your turn to cook. Your turn to clean. Your turn to watch the TV show you want. Your turn to take out the garbage. Your turn to take the kids to soccer. Your turn to go grocery shopping. Your turn to empty the dishwasher. Your turn, your turn, your turn.

Whose turn is it?

In the end, God (or whichever faith you believe in) determines whose turn it is to leave the planet as we know it. Yesterday, it was Guy Moscolo's turn. Guy was the Guy in Toni & Guy. Guy was the partner who took a fledging education concept and developed a line of products that eventually evolved into a stick. The Bedhead Stick. Guy was part of company that broke all the rules and became a major player in the industry. Guy was part of the $440 million sale to Unilever just last month. Yesterday Guy had a massive heart attack at 65 and the funeral is Saturday.

It was his turn.

That is one turn we aren't waiting for. Then again, it makes you think how important all the previous turns you took really were. Sometimes its better to let someone else take your turn.

Happy Friday!

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