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July 4 Already?

Get out the grills, hit the stores, invite friends and family and get ready for some summer fun. Really?

July 4 is supposed to be our second summer holiday and typically signifies that summer is half over. July 4 is also supposed to be the start of a slower, take-it-easy two month period leading up to Labor Day.

And like all holidays, summer or not, the focus is on eating and drinking. But something is different about this July 4. Perhaps it's because it's in the mid-60's, cloudy, gloomy and threatening to rain for 3 straight days. Perhaps it doesn't fall on a Monday and while we are working until early afternoon, some businesses are closed and some are open all day.

Friday off is not the same as Monday off. Monday off is great because there are only four days left in the week. Friday off gives us a reason to go shopping, run errands and by the time we are finished, it's dinner time.

Perhaps another reason is all the celebrities dying in the past week, many in their 50's. Life is short but how short is it? No wonder so many say to hell with exercise, eating right and no smoking. But in the end, that's short term thinking.

Perhaps it's because we had seven months of winter and we want seven months of summer and summer has yet to begin. I hate that the days are getting shorter and we all know that Labor Day comes awfully quick once July 4 holiday is over.

Believe me, I am going to have my fill off eating and drinking. The grill is ready, the martini glasses are chilled, and Jimmy Buffett is queued up ready to spin to Margaritaville.

In the end, July 4 is really about Independence Day and all the brave men and women that represented America since 1776 and has kept America the best country to live in. For them past and present, I will toast mightily.

Happy Wednesday!


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