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June NAILRPO: Imposters Seeking Riches Cause Mass Confusion

  1. Gelavish (is that the most original name they could come up with?)

  2. mani Q (how can two imposters both advertise black and white in the same month?)

  3. Cacee (funny how they have neon's one month after Harmony introduced theirs)

  4. Gelicure (more originality)

  5. Gelez (what?)

  6. Rainbow

  7. Perfect Match (yeah baby, more neons)

  8. Gelacquer (YIKES!)

  9. Gelux

  10. Geleration

  11. X-Tame

  12. Gel-On Here some of the imposters advertising in the June issue for “shattered” polish:

  13. Fractured (how original)

  14. Crackle

  15. Artisan Crackle (the imposters copying the imposters) And off the chart, I really love this one: Honey & Milk Body Butter. Are you kidding me? Cuccio Milk & Honey Body Butter has been knocked off, a first for TONY! But c’mon, is that the best name this imposter could come up with? Now you think I would have to make all this up but it’s all true. Now if one or more these mentioned brands might show me photos of their R&D facility, production lines, raw material inventory and so forth and then I will believe. But the real question in all this is WHY? You figure out the answer. Happy Monday!


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