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Kemon & The Windy City

I remember my first visit to Chicago years ago. Huge buildings, lots of traffic, the beautiful lakeshore, the museums, the restaurants, the shopping and the caramel corn. The Windy City was alive and well.

I also remember it two years ago when I ran my first and only marathon. It was a cool October morning and 40,000 runners partook in the annual affair that draws more than 1 million spectators. It was actually cool running 26.2 miles and watching the action on the sidelines when we were supposed to be the action.

And I will remember Chicago this Labor Day weekend when my oldest son gets married.

Soon, I will have a new love with Chicago because we are bringing Kemon into the market. I personally know a lot of salons that are so excited and with our Pavilion showroom adding a Kemon Academy, we are going to be offering amazing education and give hairdressers something to finally hang their hair on.

I would love to know your favorite spots and salons in Chicago. Further, if you are interested in selling Kemon or bringing it into your salon, i would love to hear from you to.

The Windy City is in for some exciting times.

Happy Thursday!


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