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Kemon Days is a Smash Success

They came from California, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. They came because of Kemon and what Kemon has done for them since they took the brand on. They came because they knew Kemon Days was going to be something totally different that they ever experienced before.

It was.

They came to the MGM Detroit for the very first time. All thoughts about downtown Detroit vanished the moment they walked through the vaulted MGM doors. The elegance, the marble, the fireplaces, the service and the resort ambiance. They knew they were in a special place.

It was.

Sunday kicked off the USA Artistic team followed by special salon vignettes all jazzed up to the beat and theme of the 80's. The Kemon Italian team headed by their very talented Angelo shocked the audience with his effortless style of cutting hair. Awe inspiring?

It was.

The five-course Italian feast prepared by the MGM chefs competed with any five-star restaurant. Sinjon Smith live on stage played their hearts out and the dance floor jammed on. Guests were decked out and high heels were in high style. Guests had no idea Kemon Days was going to be this fun.

It was.

Oh, L'Oreal tried to spoil our fun by hosting their own special event on the same night. Imagine that. The star of their event was the launch of their new men's color line. Oops. Did anyone tell them Kemon came out with their men's line which is both PPD-free and ammonia-free months earlier? The guests kept on dancing, the band kept on wailing knowing this is our time.

It was.

Monday was so inspirational that not one person spoke while the guest artists were on stage. The learning was intense and guests were filling out their head sheets while taking it all in. They couldn't believe their very eyes. The models, the outfits, the looks. Never before, and they knew Kemon was not just another brand. It was their brand.

It was.

Kemon Days ended at 3:00PM as the guests left the MGM and its spirited staff. They came away with smiles and the gift to last them until the next Kemon Days; the gift that will make them better hairdressers and unite with Kemon partners for life. And if you asked any of guests their thoughts, they would tell you.

It was.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. A complete pictorial will be available at this coming Monday.

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