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Kemon Factory Tour

Kemon celebrated its 50th year anniversary at Kemon Days March 29-30 in Riccione. It was great fun to see over 1000 hairdressers in attendance as Kemon wowed the group with more than 75 models, dancers, acrobats, singers and the Kemon Artistic Team. Even Bruno Moscolo showed up to give tribute to Kemon's owner, Giuliono Nocentini. 

Afterwards, we went to Kemon's headquarters situated in lovely San Guistino located in the Tuscany region. The village features a quaint town square where the locals meet for morning espresso and sandwiches while watching the produce truck bring its fresh fare into the village fruit shop.

Only a couple miles outside San Guistino lies Kemon's sprawling complex of buildings. We visited the main building that housed corporate offices, education center, R&D, and factory. The factory was the highlight.

Kemon Factory Process

Automatic filler for color tubes

Kemon Factory Process

Tubes leave filler for boxes

Kemon Factory Process

Finished tubes put into boxes

Kemon Factory Process

Boxes get ready for shrink wrap

Kemon Factory Process

Labels created for boxes

Kemon Factory Process

Case of finished goods

Giuliano Nocentini next to pallet of Cramer Color hot of the line

Giuliono standing in front of finished pallet of Cramer Color

Kemon R&D

Research & Development is ongoing

Kemon R&D

Six scientists and chemists are always working on new formulas

We also saw formulation and packaging of hair products, and the gas chamber used to create aerosol hair spray. One of the most fascinating areas of all was the hair color formulator. Here the master colors were in columns and the computer actually manipulated the selected columns to create the actual color such as 6.0 in the exact formulation.

Overall it was an amazing experience. Kemon is one of the few companies that actually creates, formulates, manufacturers and packages its own products. It's little wonder they have the best hair color and products--they know first hand what it takes to make the best and maintain consistency.

Of course the story wouldn't be complete without talking about food. But I'll save that juicy part for tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


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