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Kemon Nights 2008 Recap

Reading about recaps is always better when you were at the event or watched the event on TV especially when your team, celebrity, rock band or hero wins. We love to watch replays, relive the moment and then read about it the next day.

If you weren't at Kemon Nights, you missed something special. If you were there, then this recap is for you.

The Night started with a fabulous performance by the up-and-coming hot band Sinjon Smith. Chris Wietzke & Diane Smith who lead up the band wailed out hit songs while guitarist Marc Davis was in his full glory taking his strings to new dimensions.

And what would an Italian-theme Night be without Italian-theme food? Luigi from Sangria put out a great spread of veggie pasta, chicken, bruschetta, cheeses and traditional Italian cookies.

The sold-out crowd came in by bus, limo, car, truck and just about everything else except private jet. People were dressed up and ready to party. At 7:35PM, their wish came true.

The two hour show combined music, video, dancers, fashion (both hair and clothes) and charity into an effortless collection of "sitting off the chair" delight.

The Kemon Artistic Team were sensational.

Laura Schildt was in all black. There was Vicki Benham doing her magic. Beth Jessee got into the music and thought she was back in the 80's. Lauren Gallo was smiling and couldn't believe she was on stage. Scott Jenner was cool and collected in the lead segment. Irina Miasnikova patiently blended in purple extensions into her model's blond hair with a tad of red color thrown in. Denisa Cito also decked out in all black was grooving. Janan Delly meticulously did an updo worthy of any NY fashion show. Andrew (Andy) Bernard sported way cool boots, over the top pants and signature jacket while undoing foils and tossing the hair into a perfect design. Jessie Miracle also sported way cool boots and was having too much fun. And finally there was Jeph Wright, National Head Coach, dressed accordingly, effortless moving his shear through his models hair.

Aaron Michael Scott, National Technical Director, took main stage several times and made the perfect MC in his suit and tie. Felice and Donato representing Kemon represented Italian wear very well.

I finally made it on stage and introduced Regina from Children for Hair Loss. 10% of ticket sales went to them and Regina was thrilled to be the honoree. I then brought Jackie G. on stage wearing a very hot Italian dress that went on auction. The winning bid of $1500 came from Royal Oak and Children for Hair Loss gained 3 more kids because of it.

Behind the scenes was outrageous. 49 models in all. Janan Delly spent 3 weeks making the outfits for the grand finale (I won't even comment on the grand finale as words can't describe it). The Kemon Coaches not on stage worked effortlessly. Alex and Emilio Salon was packed at 7:00AM for prep. Kym, Jill, Marlene and Julie from TNG were everywhere. Liz perfected the scene at Royal Oak. Bill Givens worked his video magic coordinating the show in the background. The list goes on.

Kemon Nights was pure magic. I will finish by saying thank you to everyone who believes in magic. Oh, there is much more magic to come!

Happy Tuesday!


Adam Harris was born in coal country, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. His father, Gregory, worked the mines every day and came home to his best friend, Jim Beam. Gregory had many frie


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