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Kemon Nights Sold Out!

Do you know the feeling when something just "feels" right? Do you know the feeling when something just "feels" wrong? It's called the "gut instinct." Many CEO's of Fortune 500 companies will tell you that after they review all the reports from their teams, more go by their gut instinct than anything else to make a decision.

Bringing Kemon into the U.S. felt right from the moment I met with the family in Italy. The people, the products, the story, the education, and the commitment were all outstanding and my gut instinct has never looked back.

Kemon Nights is the culmination of all our efforts to celebrate our first year with Kemon. The Kemon Artistic Team, the Kemon Technical Team, the Kemon coaches will be working feverishly over the next few days to put on a show that few have seen the likes of. In all, more than 50 Coaches will participate.

40 models. 40 outfits directly from Italy. Live music from the fab band Sinjon Smith. Great food from Chef Dominic who owns Luigi's. And 10% of the proceeds going to Children with Hair Loss. What a night!

Yes, I am proud to announce that Kemon Nights is sold out (800). I scrounged up a few tickets for those that will crash the doors at the Royal Oak Music Theater begging to get in.

Thanks for everyone who believed in Kemon and TNG. All the salons, hairdressers, consumers, BE's, and our core team including Kym, Jill and Randy. Sunday is going to be historic and another chapter will be written--this one will feel good indeed.

Happy Friday!

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