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Lamas Lash Masque Keeps on Going

As my son's wedding looms less than 2 weeks away, all I can think about is the day I went to Posh salon to get a manicure and there was this huge wedding party getting pampered for the big event later in the day.

The bride was getting the formal updo; french manicure, french pedicure and make-up done. Others were getting touch-ups and the mood was festive. I asked about the groom. He was playing blackjack with his best man at the MGM.

Let's face it--guys have it easy. We spend ten minutes in the bathroom and we are out the door. It takes ten minutes just in the shower for a girl between deep conditioning, shaving and scrubbing. And the make-up and blow-drying adds at least another half hour.

This week I thought I would dedicate my blog to the art of being a woman and some of the secret products they use to look good.

Unless you live in a cave, you know eye products are the hottest category going. Women must have the plumpest eyelashes to walk out of the house or else they would rather stay home and watch reruns of Oprah. I think there are more than 1000 different eye products from mascaras (I think Maybelline has 10 different styles alone), enhancers, thickeners, growers, treatments and so forth.

One product that consistently ranks at the top is Lamas Lash Masque. This product darkens the eyelashes without color and also thickens without paraben-based ingredients (no eye irritation). I am amazed at how many pieces we sell each month.

I read recently that Lancome is stealing the Crest Spinbrush idea and applying it to mascara. This new product is battery-operated and applies mascara in a special way that you can forget about Oprah for weeks!

Yet another product that is sizzling in the marketplace is Enormous Lash. This product actually grows eyelashes so if you have thin lashes, this product is the ticket. At $100 it isn't cheap but it's at least $50 less than it's nearest competitors.

I have no idea what the makeup artist used for the bride that day in the salon. However one thing for certain is that when the bride walked down the aisle, her eyes were perfectly done. Oh, I did hear later on that the groom made it home to take a quick shower, shave, and get the tux on in time to make the wedding.

Happy Monday!


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