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Life Is But A Song

The Doors Light My Fire Amy Winehouse who passed away in 2011.

Top 10 Amy Winehouse songs The list of musicians that died too young is endless. But they are remember forever because of a song (or two) that they wrote and or sang. We listen to music like we breath. It’s always with us. From Spotify and Pandora to Sirius to old-fashioned radio to CD’s to streaming and everything in-between, we live with music. I run to music. Yoga and music are one. Flows are completed when songs are completed. Songs start and songs we love we know the name and tunes just hearing a single note. Then we day dream and then the song is over. That is how life is. This week three people died that I knew about that brought on conversation. The first was Deborah Carver’s husband, Jim. Although I did not know Jim, he lived well past the average life span of 79. Deborah celebrated his life with friends and family and knowing Deborah, is back at work ready for her next challenge. The second was Troy Bauer who died at the young age of 69. I knew Troy for 25 years as the happy rep who could party until 2AM and be ready for work at 7AM. He always had a smile on his face and loved what he did. He recently retired to Kentucky after buying a lake house. His death was sudden and unexpected. Troy was a legend in the beauty industry. For him, life was too short.


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