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Michigan has Florida Beat Hands Down

I had the pleasure of spending a couple days in Florida last week. The weather was 86 and sunny since I know you were wondering that very thing. How come when it comes to places like Florida the first thing we want to know is the weather and if rain is in the forecast?

After visiting our Pavilion showroom, I checked into the Hilton Suites and quickly found the pool. After two minutes in the sun, I pounced to the vending machine for SPF30. After 15 minutes back in the sun, the sweat was dripping from all directions and when it landed in my eyes, it was time for the pool. I will say that if Florida has anything on us, it's that their pools are open all year long (OK, so are their golf courses).

It was then back to the A/C hotel room. The door wall was sweating too. The A/C was cranked but I was still sweating. The best came the next morning. At 7:15AM, I went for my 6 mile run. It was 76 degrees, the sun was out and there was a wind. I've run in Vegas, Mexico and other places, but this was one of my tougher runs. People were shaking their heads as I passed them by thinking "poor soul."

After the run was another plunge into the pool. Steam came out and I am not joking! Then a cold shower and none of it helped. My hair was a mess and would not dry. Oh well.

My brother took me for lunch on the ocean at this place called Johnny G's. They are famous for fish and chips and the 70-80 year olds were chowing away like it was their last meal. Of course I didn't eat that but the broiled fish sandwich was great. We did have to move our chairs however several times for walkers, canes, wheel chairs and whatever else Florida is famous for.

Here's the thing about Florida. It's hot, humid and filled with old people that can't drive. You risk your life every time you get in the car. The traffic lights are 4 minutes long. And everyone lives in A/C and never opens a window.

As my plane made it's way into Metro Airport, the sky was gray, it was raining and looked cold. Why? Because it was cold. But you know what? It's nice to have the four seasons and be cold--it keeps you conscious.

The next day I ran at 7:15AM and it was a wonderful 34 degrees. It was a delight and one thing was certain: I didn't have to worry about heat exhaustion.

Happy Tuesday!


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