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More Favorite 2018 Products

The North American Auto Show Preview Night is tonight and promises to be packed with guests viewing all the new vehicles on display. Of particular interest will be electric cars and a sneak peak of autonomous-driving cars. By 2025 these will be everywhere and analysts predict by 2035 just about every vehicle will be electric and autonomous. That is why every company is focused on this category, the auto industry as we know it today will be much different very soon.

BTW, I love the whole concept of autonomous cars for many reasons. One, I love to be the passenger. Two, autonomous cars will communicate with each other making them much safer than human-driven cars. And third, technology will be so vast and improved, waiting at traffic lights will be a thing of the past.

Now on to more simpler pleasures in life like the best of our 2018 products. Aromatherapy continues to grow and no one does it better than Pure Essential Oil Works. Blends are ever-popular and my favorites include Respiratory, Soothing, Detox and Protective. Priced at $8.99 to $10.99 MSRP, they are up to 80% less than DoTerra.

Also loving the new 100% Pure Arnica Oil. It is a natural pain reliever for sore and tired muscles and works wonders. It is sort of a miracle product and as a carrier oil, can be used on skin with no issues.

My favorite diffusers include the beautiful forged metal Filigree and Patina.

Sanctuary is hand-crafted and designed and already a runaway best-seller.

Wool Works Organic Wool Dryer Balls take the place of dryer sheets. They cut the drying time by 40%, eliminate the dangers of using dryer sheets and you can add any essential oil like lemon, orange, lavender to add fragrance to the wash load.

Last but not least, Pure Himalayan Salt Works natural night lights are the sweetest little things. I especially love the Natural Cut version.

New stuff is the most fun and you can count on us to continue to bring out the most innovative products in our space. I hope you get to enjoy one or several of our newest products!

Happy Friday!

My favorite diffusers are the Filigree and Patina beautiful forged metal designs. So unique and so perfect anywhere.


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