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Moroccanoil Demand Soars

If I think way back 20 years, I can remember when hot items were introduced that took the industry by storm. One item was Australian Gold Accelerator lotion. Another was Body Drench Moist. It was like printing money for salon owners, they couldn't keep the stuff on their shelves.

I remember when Tolfnafoil came out and Paul DiMeglio did his infamous seminars. Dozens at a time were bought by salons only to order more a week later. When Seche Vite came out, the first fast drying top coat, you thought sex in a bottle was invented. It's still a huge seller.

I remember when TIGI came out with Manipulator. This ooey, gooey, blue gel/paste which had a fruity smell that sold for $17.95 became an overnight sensation. People were slathering it morning, day and night just to play with it. Today, it's still among the top 5 Bedhead sellers.

The past few years however have been high and dry. But out of the blue, Moroccanoil arrived. First everyone thought it was a one hit wonder (remember Don McClean's American Pie?). In fact, the first year it was regarded as a fad and not taken seriously.

But the introduction of their Intensive Mask created a serious phenomenon that I have yet to witness in a very long time. Add to that their Curling and Styling cremes and the line became complete. But wait. People even got excited about shampoo and conditioner at $20 a pop retail.

Here's the thing about phenomenon's that I love so much. No one cares about price. People pay whatever the price is: no discounts, no deals, no nothing. And the other thing is that people love to buy phenomenon products. They brag to their friends about them; they wake up in the morning yearning to use them; and they can't wait to buy more.

Moroccanoil is trying to keep up with demand. It's tough because all products are imported and take time to make. We too are trying to keep up and have now had to limit new doors and set up new programs.

This is fun and a long time coming. Let's hope the fun continues and even more fun comes from other products down the road quicker than later.

Happy Thursday!


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