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Nail Enhancement Innovation

As I wrap up the final touches on our First Annual Supplier Summit Friday, there is one word that if everyone takes away with them and does something with it, I will be happy.

And all TNG Rebels know the word: Innovation

A competitor of ours recently had their own version of a Supplier Summit and their word had nothing to do with Innovation and therein lies part of the problem. I would much rather have my key suppliers give me innovative products that we can sell than more discounts on products we can't sell.

One category that will be well represented is nails. TNG already sells the biggest brands and offers the biggest selection. Yet, innovation lacks. Do we need another style of nail tip? Another dozen polish colors? Another flavor of lotion? Another hand sanitizer?

What we need is product innovation at the core level. I remember way back when silk and linen were the big nail enhancement items. "China Silk" was hot! Linen Batiste was hot! Then came fiberglass and Backscratchers was hot!

Then IBD introduced gels and they were hot! Odorless acrylics came but never got hot. No Lite Gel was hot for a brief time period but died quickly.

The biggest enhancement category is powders and liquids. When Solar Nail came out, that was hot! Alpha 9 was hot! CND then brought out Retention and that was hot! CND then brought out Radical and that was hot!

But powders still come in 6 different size jars and liquids still come in 6 different size bottles. You still need a brush, dappen dish and a lot of time.

It's time to put the Innovation Cap on and get to work. What ideas do you think would work for nail enhancements and stepping out into natural nails, what ideas do you have up your sleeve?

Happy Thursday!


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