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New GM Sprouts Wings

Obama Motors is alive and kicking. It seems the folks at John Hopkins University hospital successfully delivered the new GM today at 7:53AM.

The proud parents are Obama and Michelle and the baby will have some 300 million step aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers. The baby weighed in at only $45 Billion in debt. It's older brother weighs a hefty $145 Billion but both Obama and Michelle have a way to reduce obesity of this size.

One proud uncle is Robert Lutz who was so excited he decided to skip retirement and do his best to help the new GM succeed. Err, I should have stated one proud rich new uncle....

Step daddy Fritz has his share of work to do. At least he won't have to worry about diapers, burping, sleeping and other issues. His only concern is how to make his newest son tough and mean without Creatine.

Alix and Partners will make tens of millions or more unloading the old GM. Talk about a separation in which both parties are happy! They get to unload old factories, deal with lost pensions, customer lawsuits and other fun stuff. Hey, it will take 2-3 years and at the end, old GM will be officially buried.

I'm wondering what other baby gifts the new GM will be receiving. In the meantime, if they can produce cars like the new Camaro, perhaps they won't suffer the fate of the old GM.

Happy Friday!


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