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NFC Technology is Coming Fast: Another Game Changer In Our Lives

  1. Paying for anything. No more credit cards, no more debit cards, in fact no more cards! Just scan at the supermarket, vending machine, toll booth and your credit card/debit card account will be charged. Apple already has all your information in iTunes. This will allow Apple to take on Visa, Mastercard, Discover and well, you get the point. They will make money on every transaction.

  2. Checking in for flights (this is already available). But wait, your driver license and passport will be here too so bye-bye to those documents.

  3. Getting info you need on anything. Every product, every poster, everything will have a readable label on it. You will use your phone to download the info and look at anytime.

  4. Bye bye loyalty cards. Who needs the Kroger or Target cards, they will be stored on the phone and you will scan.

  5. Hospital admissions, movie theater admissions, and after all is said and done, asylum admissions as more and more of us will need to be checked in. YIKES! Happy Thursday!


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