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One Big Business: Breasts

I knew it. Not even one word into today's blog, and you your mouth is wide open and can't believe the subject line. What's the big deal anyway?

Here's one thing I know: I'm happy I don't have to worry about them. While they are the fascination of men from the age of 1 to 99, it is women that have to deal with them. Being in the business of selling breast products, it's good to be a guy.

We sell this specialized line of bras, Glamorise. Last I knew, this one line of bras comes in 12,450 different sizes, colors and shapes. There are front closure, back closure, full figure, sports, strapless, padded, non-padded, double padded and each in sizes 32A to 46F.

SPANX has figured out how to sell bras and shapewear all in one. Their Bra-llelujah has become a best seller.

We sell specialized creams for breast enhancement. These come in all types of configurations from $50 to $150. In fact, one new hot product that will be launching soon is Boob Job in a Box. It will be featured in all the major women's magazines shortly. The heck with plastic surgeons!

But where the true business opportunity lies for salons and spas is in the breast accessory category.

Bra inserts are all the rage and these come in different shapes, materials and sizes. They are reusable and sell very well. Sassymax is among the best selling item. Prices range from $15-$50 so very affordable.

And would have thought nipple covers would be a huge business? These do so well that we're dedicating an entire section on our website to this category. The basic ones are disposable and retail for about $6. These too come in different shapes, colors and some are reusable. There are even ones for special events, so they have become fashion items. I know one thing for sure, guys didn't invent this hot category.

Bottom line: Breasts are big business. Now you know. Give us a call and order today.

Happy Tuesday!


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