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Open Mic Friday!

Open Mic Friday is your opportunity to say anything on your mind and get answers from the blog community and myself.

Last night we attended the HOUR Best of Detroit party at the MGM Grand. I have to tell you it was one of the best parties this city has seen (even better than Super Bowl) and showcased Detroit amazingly well.

For all the negative publicity Detroit gets, one can sense the glimmer of hope among the 2200 party-goers (sold-out) dressed to the nines and having fun. The MGM outdid itself and handled everything flawlessly.

FIGO was the HOUR winner for best salon. Their logo was everywhere and Rino knows a thing about marketing and stuff. Way to go Rino!

Enough dove-tailing from today's blog. While the stock market is tanking and oil soaring (another new record today $142+), the 1000+ women at the party had their hair, makeup, nails, and outfits sizzling. One thing we can be thankful for is that the beauty business is relevant and we need to continue to innovate what we do best.

What's on your mind?

Happy Friday!


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