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OPI Espana Collection Selling Better Than Tapas

OPI should have known their French collection wasn't going to do well. The Americans and the French still are at odds although they are still very happy to take our money.

South Beach collection was fun but at the end, what consumers really love about OPI is their dark shades. Espana has them covered and then some.

And besides, we love Spain. It has great food, great wine, great Tapas and bullfighting to boot. Spain is a friendly country and they love to have fun.

Espana colors are right on. They are noticed. They are what consumers need at the moment.

I have yet to put any of the dozen colors on my nails and most likely, I'm going to pass this time as all the previous other times. But hey, i know there are plenty of women wearing Espana so I would love to find out your favorite Espana color(s).


Happy Thursday!

P.S. Off to see Jimmy Buffett tonight. Yes, I'm a true Parrot Head.


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