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Welcome to OPIville, the official town of OPI. In this unique community of OPI lovers, for over a quarter of a cent-cherry, residents live, breathe and treasure OPI.

The main road in town where the restaurants, shops and nail salons are located is Collins Ave. All the homes are done out in deco from the likes of conga-like coral to Miami beet. Dutch tulips line the roadways like you were in Holland.

The residents never get older either, they keep celebrating 20 years over and over again. Girls are referred to as babes and guys are referred to as sweet hearts because who needs a prince, it only makes men blush? But like every other town in America, princesses rule.

Everyone loves to eat out at OPIville's famous restaurants. The cafes feature espresso your style, dulce de leche, or if you just want coffee, people lean towards java mauva-a with just the right amount of California raspberry syrup. Lunch at the Delhi specializes in cajun shrimp, spicy Cheyenne peppers with wild rice, and their homemade Malaga wine.

For dinner, Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ serves up the best strawberry daiquiri's, tropical punch and who would of ever thought, vodka and caviar? Their signature dessert Coney Island cotton candy looks just like fresh, alpine snow and tastes just like a koala beary-y.

Unusual for such a hot restaurant town, all food is served buffet style. When asked why, the overwhelming reply was "I'm not really a waitress."

The town folk drive around in Red Mustangs, type away at on Pompeii purple Dell laptops and sit under the apple tree dreaming of Romeo and Juliet or watching Ellen.

Visitors are allowed only in the early afternoon since all the residents are clubbing til sunrise. The sweet hearts are always asking the babes to party in my cabana especially the ones that make their heart throb and feelin' hot-hot-hot! But no matter the passion, the princes only end up with a kiss on the chic. Oh so glam!

Happy Monday!

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