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Out of My Mind on a Friday Mornin'

  1. A hot shower

  2. First cup of coffee

  3. Clean car

  4. Clear garage

  5. Full box of Kleenex

  6. First sip of cold beer

  7. Winning a game

  8. A full tank of gas

  9. Good pizza

  10. Hot fries and cold ketchup

  11. Peanuts

  12. A perfect game

  13. Being in love

  14. Making the last payment

  15. Friday at 5:00 (It’s 5:00 somewhere)

  16. A good night’s sleep

  17. A good bookWhat’s worse than:

  18. An empty toilet paper roll

  19. Being late

  20. A phone call at 3:00AM

  21. Taking out the garbage after a long day

  22. Cleaning the house after a party

  23. Getting an unexpected bill in the mail

  24. “Hello, this is the IRS”

  25. Blue lights flashing behind you

  26. Warm soup

  27. Women wearing bikinis and men wearing Speedo’s that shouldn’t

  28. Your doctor calling you back

  29. Any dental appointment

  30. Red lights when you are in a hurry

  31. Empty gas tank when it’s cold and blustery

  32. No A/C on a 90 degree day

  33. Forgetting to buy one ingredient when cooking

  34. Losing

  35. Political campaignsHappy Friday!


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