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Out Of My Mind On A Friday Mornin’

  1. You wake up in the morning with a sore throat or you wake up in the morning feeling 100%

  2. The Red Wings lose at night but the next day everyone is thinking they are going to win the next game

  3. You’re upset about something and want to vent in more ways than one but the next day you’re not as upset

  4. Rain today and sunshine tomorrow

  5. Sunday to Monday and Thursday to Friday

  6. One day you are full of energy and the next day all you want to do is sleep

  7. Win everything you play and lose everything you play the next day Speaking of the Red Wings, they really are in the red with a 0-3 deficit. Only 3 teams have come back. Surely doesn’t look like it will be the 2011 Wings to make it the fourth team. Oil dropped more than $10 a barrel Thursday making it the single biggest drop since 2009. That averages out to more than $.30 a gallon at the pump. If the price drop holds, gas will be below $4 by next week. GM and Ford are kicking ass while Toyota and Honda slump. Who would have thought that just two years ago? Not only is Detroit known for cars, now we are the official pizza king. Domino’s announced record sales and was voted chain of the year. Little Caesars, Papa John’s, Jet’s, Hungry Howie’s and upstart Happy are all making plenty of dough. Our first new Texas store opens May 16 in the heart of thriving Plano. Our first company barbeque is May 20, Cheeseburger in Paradise. Yummy black angus beef burgers this time served with LG’s secret sauce. The grill will be hot between Noon –1PM. I want to be William Shatner when I grow up. Not only did he get to command the U.S. Enterprise for several years, he got to be the spokesperson for The stock is approaching $600 a share. Now that’s a lot of cheap hotel rooms. Happy Friday!


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