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Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin'

Book update: First third of line-editing done! I hope to get the second third this week and wrap it up by the mid-end of August. Now we are working on the Title and Sub-Title. I am still looking at a spring release.

New product update: Ginger Lily Farms household products are surging on Amazon from Dish Soap to Dishwasher Rinse Aid. Now I have added three new products.

Ice Maker Cleaner & Descaler This is the first plant-based ice maker cleaner and descaler is perfect for both home and commercial ice makers. So many users forget to descale their ice makers (same principle as descaling coffee makers) and their ice is no longer clear and fresh. This is an amazing product as it is non-toxic, natural and fragrance-free.

3-in-1 Shower Blast Weekly Spray Cleaner This is the first plant-based weekly shower cleaner and what makes this product amazing, is that you have the cleanest shower and you only have to use the product once a week. It removes stains, calcium deposits, soap scum, grime and body oils. This is a refill and needs to be poured into a sprayer. Available in Island Tranquility and Fragrance-Free.

100% Pure Morocco Argan Oil Our 100% Pure Morocco Argan Oil personal care products are among our best-sellers. So when I developed this product, I made sure it was as good as the salon brand, Moroccanoil. It might even be better. One thing for sure, you aren't going to pay an inflated price for it. $30.00 for 8 oz. compared to $48.00 for Moroccanoil 3.4 oz.

Who knew living in Michigan this summer would be the best place to live in the USA? But truth be told, this is among the worst Michigan summers that I have ever experienced. I cannot remember so much rain, especially on weekends. The temperatures range from 60-90F which no consistency. The Canadian wildfires have been terrible for the sky. Yet compared to Phoenix, Texas and so many other states, at least we aren't sweating away.

What's going on with Jimmy Buffett? The entire summer not a single concert. The Margaritaville DJ's have totally ignored the subject. We do know he was hospitalized a couple of times but no news is not good news. He is only 76. C'mon Jimmy, we need you back on stage!

Will Biden and Trump create a third independent party that could win? Stay tuned.

How about this for a hoot: Musk stated last week that the USA risks running out of electricity by 2045 if no new power plants are built. I don't know about you, but our electricity is always going out due to weather and down lines. But Musk is talking about demand from all the EV's that will be on the road by then. Just think, gas stations will be gone, EV charging stations will be everywhere and then suddenly, there is no electricity available for whatever reason. Now that would be a true disaster.


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