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Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin’

A colleague of mine sent me an interesting blog I read a couple years back “Death of the Professional Beauty Industry.” Both the author and I go back 45 years (YIKES!) and there is plenty of information Hobart writes about that is spot on. Not much has changed in the past two years in what is the largest dollar category in the beauty industry (neck and neck with skin care although skin care is going up while hair care is stagnating). Another colleague of mine asked me what I thought the pro beauty industry would look like in 10 years. He thought the downward spiral would continue and that L’Oreal would exit the distribution business (Salon Centric) sooner than later.

Stats point that his thesis is a good one. Beauty schools are in turmoil and hundreds have closed down. Average life expectancy in the salon business for graduates is about two years with an average wage of $14/hr. Salon suites and booth rental continue to flourish. Guys entering the industry are non-existent. ULTA has more than 1000 stores selling just about every brand and Amazon has all the brands. All the brands that mean anything are publicly owned except for Paul Mitchell.

My take is that we still need to get our hair cut and yes, franchises are doing well offering low cost hair cuts. Women still need to get their hair colored and while at home products are better than ever, they aren’t even close to professional products when properly applied. Demand for hairdressers will stay strong, however, best guess is that the business will go back like it was in the 50’s and 60’s: Service only. The $100 question: Can we make cutting hair sexy again?

How many times do you brush your teeth a day? Average is two, morning and night. But many fail to brush at night because too tired. Do you brush for at least two minutes? Did you know 108 days of your life are consumed brushing? One of the trend services I subscribe to sent me info on the new 10-second toothbrush, Amabrush. I use Sonicare and love it. But if I could go from 120 seconds to 10 seconds, WOW! I ordered it on the spot but will have to wait until February to get it. Cool all the way.

Why are French fries so damn good?

Cider Mill season is alive and well. Hot fresh crispy donuts and cold fresh-pressed cider isn’t too bad either.

Michigan corn on the cob and tomatoes: So good but such a short season.

Shall we talk football? Trump unleashed the biggest hurricane of the season this past weekend. At least in Florida and Houston, power is being restored and tens of  thousands of workers are doing their best to get things back to normal. Once again it appears politics is much more destructive than nature.

Is Christmas three months away today? 90 and sunny here but someone told me cold and snow is right around the corner.

Happy Monday!


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