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Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin’

Love, love, love the new EMMA Beauty products. I just received the first micro-batch of Triple Treat and it’s like no other product. It is three products in one: cream, lotion and oil. The slip is awesome, the fragrance level is just right and it’s super concentrated for an impactful experience.

EcoTherapy Hand & Body Melts are the ultimate paraffin alternative and using it with Triple Treat, your hands and feet will have gone to heaven. Swear.

ZIP DIP is the revolutionary powder system that everyone is raving about and we have yet to ship. Finally we expect delivery end of the week. The entire system is pretty awesome and being totally odorless, frosting on the cake. And everyone is going to love the glass jars too.

Speaking of loving a new product, the All-In-One Hair Dryer & Volumizer is the miracle tool that hairdressers can’t get enough of. For the first time in a long time, salons are actually retailing a hair appliance. Love it!

ISPA (spa show)starts Wednesday in Las Vegas and this could signal the beginning of the end. The show floor is the smallest ever with about 250 exhibitors. But there were less than 400 registered spas as of last week. This is while the spa business has never been better. Even spas located in Vegas aren’t attending. Trade magazines, trade shows, trade associations: It all makes you truly understand the power of the Internet and social media.

Football season is here. Lions started out worse than predicted although how the worst team in NFL history can start out winning is truly an oxymoron. State finally looked good, albeit against Western. U-M? Not sure how the fans tolerate Harbough. But nothing like football to kick off the fall season!

In case you are wondering how my hip is doing, all swell! Another 6 weeks and back to spinning and full yoga. So much better than before, certainly if you know someone that needs it, recommend they do it sooner than later.

I just cancelled Netflix. Other than Ozark and Stranger Things, the network is a joke for adults. I’m loving Succession on HBO and hating The Affair on Showtime. In fact, not watching it anymore after the first episode was so bad. So much more fun reading a good book.

Fast food sales have surged this year. Chipotle, McDonald’s and even Popeye’s are blowing it out of the water. Typically you see this in a down economy or when unemployment is high. Experts chime in that American’s are addicted to fried, salty and tasty food. At the same time, more gyms are opening than ever. Yet obesity is winning the game. One Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich is 480 calories (not counting fries, soft drink). One hour of yoga or working out pretty hard is 300 calories. Hmm, no wonder obesity wins every time. Home cooking is at a record low (do you wonder where they get all these stats?).

Divorce rates are the lowest in 35 years. Then again, the percentage of marriage age adults getting married is the lowest in decades.

Apple has its big conference this week announcing the new iPhone 11. 5G is going to be the rage, let’s see if 5G is part of this phone even though the networks are not rolled out yet. Internal fingerprint ID and updated photography are other enhancements rumored. Will it be enough for us iPhone users to trade up?

Happy Monday!


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