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Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin’

You are on a shopping trip and need to buy a business pen and business suit. You stop at STAPLES and and find the pen you are looking for and it’s $25.00. You then remember that Office Max advertised the same pen for $16.99 but it’s 15 minutes away. Do you buy the pen or go to Office Max? You are now trying on business suits at Nordstrom are found the perfect one for $299.95. A friend of yours spots you with the suit on and says to you OMG, I just tried that exact suit on at Macy’s (15 minutes away) and they have it for $291.95. Do you buy the suit or go to Macy’s?No doubt you answered Office Max for question #1 and Nordstrom for question #2. Although the savings is the same, the amount of the purchase swayed you. What’s worse than:
  1. Flashing blue lights behind you when you were day dreaming?

  2. While driving on a long-distance trip, you have to go to the bathroom really bad and you pass the “Next Rest Area” sign that states 25 miles?

  3. You forget your badge to get into the building or your house key after a night of partying? Or how about your electronic hotel key doesn’t work?

  4. A 3AM phone call?

  5. Sleeping through your snooze and you had an important meeting that you couldn’t be late for?What’s better than:

  6. Thanksgiving dinner and not having to cook or clean?

  7. The day before going on vacation?

  8. Getting on the scale and being pleasantly surprised?

  9. Bragging rights?

  10. A good book?OK, here is another rational/irrational question for you. What would you rather get:

  11. FREE Amazon $10 gift card

  12. $20 Amazon gift card for $7I know you picked the FREE card. Now answer this question. What would you rather get:

  13. $10 Amazon gift card for $1

  14. $20 Amazon gift card for $8I know you picked the latter for this question. The amount of the savings are the same in both questions but because the gift card was FREE, we chose that even those the other option was better. I will say that I will be totally irrational come Thursday. It will be candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes AND 2 slices of pie. How come I think we will ALL be irrational that day? Happy Monday!


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