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Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin'

Updated: May 19, 2023

On the subject of gasoline. I took a photo of my local gas station this past weekend advertising unleaded for $5.39, an all-time high. Then I read the Wall Street Journal and read that $6.50 by late summer is expected. It rattled off all the reasons why with the Ukraine war at the top of the list and the ban of Russian oil second. Most revealing in the article however was that these prices are likely to stay long term unless there is a severe recession. As you may know, the price of gas in Europe and virtually all other countries has always been 50% higher than the States. For some reason (yes, we do produce quite a bit ourselves), we have had the lowest prices. Today the price of gas in the UK is $8.20.

Then again, one Latte at Starbucks is $6.00 now.

Which got me to thinking. We were out to lunch at J. Alexander’s and I ordered the homemade veggie burger and fresh broccoli. The patty was homemade with more than 10 ingredients, fresh bun, all the condiments and add the broccoli prep and serving. My wife ordered a glass of white wine and her entrée. The server brought the bill and the glass of white wine ($16) was more than my entrée. Now think about it. The wine cost no more than $4 and took 10 seconds to pour. My meal took more than an hour in prepping, cooking, serving plus the cost of ingredients.

Food inflation really is here. I was at my favorite food market and a pack of spinach was $4.99, peaches were $3.99# and avocados were $2.49.

Biden is finally talking about removing the Trump tariffs on most items with the exception of steel and aluminum (although we don’t make foil sheets in the USA). Then again, Biden is talking about buying Iranian oil. Only one thing is certain right now, the Dem’s will get clobbered in November and it’s all on Biden.

How long is it going to take for the gas stations to start accepting more than $100.00 at the pump? Now we have to insert our credit card twice to get a fill-up.

Recession on the way? Not if you have traveled recently. TSA airport visits now exceed 2019, airfares are up more than 50%, hotel rates 60% and don’t even think about renting a car.

And what’s a blog without a little advertising? This time it’s our new ForPro foil sheet collection. The Expert sheets are dimpled oh so nice and the VIVID collection sings color, love the Rose and Celestial colors. Who said foil sheets have to be boring?

Another lost spring in the Midwest. Cool temperatures, rain and lack of sunshine. Just like last year. Then again, we could be like India where temperatures are in the triple digits daily and it is so hot, birds are falling out of the sky dying. Farmers are closed down and with the Ukraine war now past 100 days with no signs of ending, a loaf of bread continues to track a gallon of gas.

Have you been to Total Wine yet? If you like wine and spirits, this is the place for you. Not only is it so much fun to shop, the prices are typically 10-25% less than other stores. My new favorite: The Pessimist red blend for $17 and change. Compare to other wines in the $30-$40 and this is better. But if you are looking for single malts, forget it. I have never seen such a shortage like this before.

Happy Monday, cheers!


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