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Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin'

Updated: May 19, 2023

Humans love irrational exuberance. We want what is in short supply and in high demand. You see it daily in the stock market, you see it when concert tickets go on sale and everyone says the concert will be sold-out, you saw it in the early days of COVID when everyone was stockpiling toilet paper, bottled water and hand sanitizer. What is most amazing, when people feel there is no shortage of what they want, they go right back to buying just what they need.

Coincidence or not? When Trump was President, CNN was rolling in the ratings. With Biden as President, CNN ratings are down 47% and Fox News is up 12%. Looks like opposites really do attract.

Ever hear of the project the Prince of Saudi Arabia (MBS) has been working on for more than three years at a cost of $500 Billion? It is called Neom. MBS wants to create the next Dubai in the middle of the dessert and has hired the best people in the world. However, the project is doomed for many reasons, the main reason is his explosive temper. One could only imagine the meeting he had with Biden. However, his ambition is overreaching and it will be interesting to see if any of this comes to fruition.

Funny how people are celebrating when they buy gas for $4.49 a gallon.

Amazon Prime Day was last week (actually two days). Apparently their best-seller was a Frito-Lay variety pack. Can anyone tell me why anyone would buy this item in bulk? I love Frito-Lay products and have never bought one of these.

And then there was one. I remember opening our first store in Grand Rapids, MI to compete against Maly’s. It was an instant success. When we took over Matrix distribution from Beaute Craft and put them out of business, over time the store division grew to 30. Long story short, when L’Oreal cut off all its distributors that it did not acquire, we no longer needed all the stores. Fast forward, we now have only one store and we are moving it our headquarters next month. Look for the grand opening August 15. The good news is that customers will be able to buy any quantity of products they want and we will be offering a very special year-round discount since we will save all the costs of a remote location.

What’s hot? ForPro Beauty Wedges. They have always been a great seller but now they are in our top 10. Why? I have no idea but if you look at Ulta, their sales have exploded on the upside so more makeup is being sold than ever. However, curiously I reviewed some of the Amazon reviews and some of the them mentioned they are great for cleaning “hard to clean” items like AirPod cases. I alone have four of them. And cleaning them is the biggest pain in the ass. So I took one of the wedges, sprayed it with cleaner and viola, it was magic! So much better than a cotton swab.

Speaking about hard to clean areas, my glasses are always dirty, don’t ask me why. And my iPhone and sometimes my computer monitor. My Ginger Lily Farm’s chemist gave me a formulation for cleaning all these items and I have to say I was amazed at how well it instantly worked. So now I am launching ERASE in the next couple weeks and even throwing in some microfiber cloths. The world moving forward will be crystal clear!

The hippie generation got it right, “Make love, not war.” Looks like the Russia-Ukraine war is going to last a very long time. With Putin stating he is never leaving office and NATO allies unable to go on the offense, how is this war ever going to end successfully for Ukraine?

I see more Amazon Prime trucks than both FEDEX and UPS combined. And now in many instances if you order in the morning you get your order in the afternoon. Amazon is better than David Copperfield.

Happy Monday!


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