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Out Of My Mind On A Thursday Mornin’

Updated: May 19, 2023

One Margarita, Two Margaritas, Three Margaritas, SHOT! Luke Bryan won a CMA for that song. And now more than 100 million Americans can cheer with that song since they got at least one shot. One shot (Moderna or Pfizer) is 86% effective and getting both shots is around 95%. I got my first shot a couple weeks ago and next one coming up soon. The process is simple (I signed up at The shot is quick and painless although some have reactions like a sore arm for a day or two. The second shot, especially for women, can have unpleasant side effects that last up to three days. But hey, it’s better than getting COVID and 95% is a whole lot better than 86%. If you aren’t vaccinated, now is the time. Eventually all travel, concerts and even large social events will require it.

Who would have thought that the hottest fragrance in personal care products is ZERO. That’s right. Perhaps Old Spice has sickened too many consumers with their odd fragrances or consumers are just tired of smelling like something they don’t want to smell like. Or perhaps it’s the new wave for the new generation of consumers that don’t want anything extra added to their products. Ginger Lily Farms already has the best-selling gallon fragrance-free soap and now our new line of ZeroDerm products is in huge demand. All ZeroDerm products are free of just about everything, amazing for people with allergies, and the lotion is dermatologist approved and lasts up to 24 hours. The best-seller so far is body wash and already the #1 gallon seller on Amazon. The line also includes shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. I recommend it for all hair salons, less than half the price of branded gallons and better performing.

Broadway is opening back up to 100% capacity middle of September. Are things moving too quickly and are we setting ourselves up for another disaster?

Biden’s latest $1.9T stimulus gift is just the beginning of what he is proposing to spend and to create the biggest government economy since WWII. While I am not going to get into the politics of this, the key point is that all this spending is creating incredible demand. But Biden never took this into consideration and consumers will pay handsomely. For one, prices are going up quicker than ever. Supply shortages are nearing records and this will continue for months and well into 2022. Already chip shortages are affecting many industries, commodity prices have soared and now freight costs have more than doubled. All this while Biden keeps Trumps China tariffs in place. $3.00 and even $3.50 gas will be commonplace. And with all this demand for goods and unemployment benefits still extended, who is going to make all this stuff and provide the services we all desperately crave?

EMMA Beauty is surging in popularity for many reasons. Everyone loves the polish, the colors, the price and the innovation. The newest product, Spectrum, is totally awesome. Consumers can now have gel-like nails using regular nail polish and Spectrum. As they say, the proof is in the pudding!

TNG Worldwide remains one of the very few companies to maintain nitrile gloves in-stock throughout the pandemic. We just received fresh shipments of blue in all sizes except XS. And I am sorry to say, that size will no longer be available. One thing that is for certain, many items will be eliminated due to the pandemic and supply side issues. We also have all size in clear and black vinyl in stock.

My last blog I mentioned Etherum (ETH) and how it was going to change finance as we know it today. It was priced at $2200 and now it is soaring past $3500. Some experts are saying it will go to $8-$10K by July. The entire crypto category is very exciting and I love to keep learning more about it. You should too.

Are drivers today more obnoxious, rude and crazy than ever before? They are either going too slow while texting or going too fast.

Sorry to say I have not watched anything on TV worth reporting. Movies seem to be blah. Could it be people are just bored with content and little excites us anymore? Hobbies are much more interesting and fun. I do miss Texas Hold’em, haven’t been to a casino since last February. I’m waiting for the locker rooms, spas, gyms and amenities to open up first.

Peace & love!



Adam Harris was born in coal country, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. His father, Gregory, worked the mines every day and came home to his best friend, Jim Beam. Gregory had many frie


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