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Out Of My Mind On A Thursday Mornin’

Inflation? You have no idea what is coming down the pipeline. The Fed says it is temporary, Biden is clueless as he keeps Trumps Chinese tariffs in place and companies such as ZIM report record earnings due to the highest container prices in history. Let me give you a quick example of what we are dealing with. We sell the #1 selling pre-formed pedi liners. There are about 1300 boxes of 100-ct. in a full container. We normally pay $3 freight for each box. The current freight cost was $13 or more than 4x regular cost. It is no wonder we had to raise the sell price from $59.99 to $69.99 and we aren’t making a penny more.

Supply Chain Issues? With the third biggest port in China still virtually shutdown, LA/Long Beach port with more than 35 containers sitting in the water waiting to be unloaded and the rails not taking on new containers, supply chain is a mess and will continue to be so through 2022. It is going to be a very interesting holiday season. Gift cards will be in stock and the most sought after item.

Delta Variant? Never have we seen such a stance on an issue like being vaccinated. Surely the government is the root cause of this and no one has an answer. Same thing with masks. Looks like the only outcome of all this will be “wait and see” but at what cost?

Afghanistan? This is one for the history books. We will learn the fallout from this perhaps weeks, months and years later. Not only are we living through COVID, now we have to live with this too.

Having fun yet? I was reminiscing with the BUB about how much fun we had back in the day. I know I am showing my age, but WTF. When disco was hot and the Bee Gee’s were at their loudest, what was more fun that shaking your booty on the dance floor? Heck now if you even want to go dancing, where would you go? Back at Michigan State, every Friday from 4PM to 7PM was fun times at the Alley Eye & Dooley’s; pitchers were $.50 and Manhattan’s were $.50 and the music was blaring and the dance floor was hopping. Dorm parties and college events were so much fun. Now at MSU, you have to not only be vaccinated but you have to wear masks indoors. Truly the most fun times were without cell phones and social media. Just think about it.

Clinton’s golden decade of the 90’s was free of cell phones and social media. That was the last fun decade in America and most likely will not be repeated in our lifetime unless we elect a President that understands what America stands for and what makes it the greatest democracy on the planet. It surely wasn’t any of the past five presidents and it certainly isn’t Biden although Obama does know how to throw a party.

Love ice cream? Sales of ice cream are off the charts. Always the best-selling dessert, now the rush is on between manufacturers who can make the most decadent pint. According to the WSJ, $10 pints are the new hot thing and some manufacturers are willing to pay $40,000 for a single slotting fee per flavor. Everyone wants to be the next Halo or Talenti. But hey, we all know what goes in a $10 pint: A lot of cream, high fat chocolate and other terrible ingredients for you even though they are natural. Perhaps in the world we live in today, calories don’t matter. Then again, Levi’s and Old Navy are trying to figure out ways of introducing more plus sizes…..

Jimmy Buffett time? You bet, he is coming to DTE September 21 and expanding his concert tour dates even has some musicians are canceling due to COVID. Summer still has more than four weeks of life and I plan on enjoying each and every day while it lasts. Jimmy’s music is summertime year round and it’s now wonder his empire keeps on expanding. Be sure to visit the Lah De Dah and escape all the bullshit!

Happy Thursday!


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