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Out Of My Mind On A Thursday Mornin’

It’s HOT HOT HOT. It was just a few weeks everyone was complaining about the rain and cold. Now they are complaining about the humidity, lack of rain and days over 90F. Happy campers include ice cream stores, parks with lakes, swimming pool companies and anything cold and wet.

How about winners in beauty when it’s HOT HOT HOT? Wax removal is on a tear and pedi’s are pediluscious!

Cosmoprof is right around the corner in HOT HOT HOT Vegas end of the month. I remember years back, when it was called BBSI, every minute would be filled with meetings, parties and meals. You could count on CND to throw one of the most elaborate parties, all decked out in Jan’s expensive décor sets while serving up great food and drink. A show without George Schaeffer having one of his obnoxious breakfasts wouldn’t be a show at all. No one had more fun than George. And the show floor was a treasure chest with vendors giving away jewelry, gifts and other trinkets to their distributors. Fast forward to today and it’s corporate America at it’s best: No parties, no gifts, and no meals. With pro beauty companies way down, it will be an interesting show floor. Be sure to stop and say hello, our stand is #39087.

We all know A.I is the future (and for those still living without TV, A.I. stands for artificial intelligence). I’m feverishly waiting for the day a machine can do a manicure and a blow-out. Nail techs and hairdressers would love an A.I. assistant. However the most exciting breakthroughs of A.I. will be in the health field. One of my newsletters I subscribe to that has been consistently spot on forecasts:

  1. A.I. drug discovery enabled by genomics will unleash new and better drugs

  2. Body-on-a-chip technology will enable doctors and researchers to test alternative therapies on a patient’s own tissues, prior to treatment

  3. New RNA-based vaccines will eliminate most forms of cancer

  4. Bio-reengineering will enable practitioners to preempt pandemics and cure genetic disorders

  5. By 2035 Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s diseases will be contained

  6. By 2035 science will have discovered secrets that will enable us to live past 100. By 2100, average medium age will be 115.

While youth has its issues, at least is has the future of medicine to look forward to as they age.

Trump’s tariffs are terrible. With mid-term elections coming soon, will Trump really enact tariffs or is he just posturing like he does on most everything else. One thing for certain if he stands firm, inflation will rip through 2%.

Going back to the pro beauty industry, remember the wave of acquisitions that everyone talked about? When was the last major acquisition to take place? Another tell about our industry.

Exciting news: thebeautybook Fall 2018 edition is at the printer and chalk full of so many fab TNG products. Just a few of my early favorites include an aromatherapy diffuser for kids rooms that shines stars up into the ceiling; the world’s lightest pro hair dryer; EMMA Genius portable and rechargeable LED/UV light and our Ginger Lily Farm Botanical’s holiday gift items.

So weird having the holiday on Wednesday. At least Christmas and New Year’s falls on a Tuesday!

Can you believe the success of La Croix? And to think it is a Michigan-based company. If you drink soda, this is the best alternative.

Happy Thursday!


Adam Harris was born in coal country, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. His father, Gregory, worked the mines every day and came home to his best friend, Jim Beam. Gregory had many frie


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