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Out Of My Mind On A Tuesday Mornin’

One great thing about getting older is that you have more experience and can react better to certain situations. One thing I learned is that life is about “moments.” How many times do you go to Starbucks and there are 6 people in line but by the time you get to the cashier there is no one behind you? Same for the supermarket, gas station and so on. Most bad stuff is about being in the wrong moment.

Speaking of moments, isn’t it amazing how some days you make every traffic light and some days you don’t make one? And even more phenomenal is that after all these years traffic lights still work: People still stop on RED and go on GREEN. What a concept.

What is going on with beauty companies? Suddenly Wall Street hates them and has knocked down most beauty stocks by a third or more. Analysts blame Amazon once again as more consumers buy online. However the real story is that own brands is taking huge market share and we have only seen the beginning of this. Skin care will be the next frontier and be a game changer. The only category that is relatively safe so far is cosmetics but I am sure that too will come under fire in due time.

TNG just celebrated its 17th year sponsoring American Cancer Society’s STRIDES event in Detroit. It was a beautiful October day and not only did we have a record turnout, we raised more than $140,000, well more than the previous record of $118,000. In fact we were the #1 sponsor raising more than GM, Comerica and Suburban Collection. Thanks to all TNG talent and supporters for the best year yet!

YIKES another birthday is fast approaching. Remember when you were 7, then 7 and half years old and so excited to being closer to 8? I fondly recall the Eric Clapton song, “After Midnight” celebrating in my earlier years. Now after midnight I have been sleeping for more than two hours and that’s during the weekend!

In tune to getting older, Howard Stern commented on how he went to see the Bruce Springsteen Broadway production and had to go pee so bad he actually went to the bathroom. He hates going pee in public and now hates to leave his house because of it. Sleeping through the night is long gone.

Most of Oakland County is without water for at least a few days due to a water main break. Most of the Starbucks were closed today except for a few including the one by our headquarters. It was packed. So many businesses are closed. Just think of Puerto Rico who is still mostly without electricity let alone water.

It’s going to be a huge holiday season for retailers that have the right goods at the right moment. The off-price retailers have their game down as consumers love treasure hunting more than ever. Our customers are loving all the Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals fizzy bombs and Pure Essential Oil Works diffusers and essential oils. And we are just getting started, 2018 is going to be very special.

MSU undefeated in the BIG10 and ranked 18th, who would have thought? But let me say these late games with super long commercials are killing the game.

I showed up at my spinning class this morning and no instructor. One of the girls came to the rescue with her recently downloaded APP, Aaptiv. She opened it up, picked out a spinning class session that lasted 47 minutes and away we were. The instructor was awesome as was the music. In fact, the class was better than the live instructor. Can virtual instructors at gyms be far behind?

Happy Halloween!


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