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Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday

Updated: May 19, 2023

Big election November 8. Who will win? MAGA or Biden’s Green Energy ideology are the centerpieces of who wins even though inflation, the economy, crime and abortion are the most discernable topics. At stake is the future of America’s middle class, America’s democracy (just look at what is going on at Twitter) and how the economic civil war will pan out. My guess: Republicans will win both the House and the Senate (Vegas has 72% odds on Republicans winning).

What’s going on at MSU is frightening, yet MSU keeps on humming with its record student population and annual tuition. Where is the breaking point? I had the opportunity to chat with President Stanley at the UM vs. MSU game and he made the right decision resigning. What a difference three years made when I first met him to now. It makes you wonder why anyone would want that job and with 85% of American’s stating that politics in America needs to be restructured, why would anyone want to be President of the USA?

I am so happy to be making and selling beauty products. The CEO of Mondelez which owns brands such as Oreo’s, Cadbury and Sour Patch Kids said in his latest earnings report, “It doesn’t matter how much we raise prices, consumers can’t live without chocolate.” The same is true about beauty products. I don’t know about you, but when was the last time you were angry, stressed out or wanting to put a fist in the wall when you ate a Snicker’s bar, hot fudge sundae or cider mill donut? And when consumers are indulging in the shower using Ginger Lily Farms Island Tranquility Body Wash, they are in the moment of enjoyment and perhaps wandering off to the tropical island they so very much want to visit.

How about that for the perfect lead-in to our newest products! Since I create them, I obviously have a passion for them all but some stand out more than others. Here are my latest fav’s:

ForPro Nurture Digital Paraffin Bath Kit features the most advanced paraffin bath and updated formulations of our best-selling paraffin wax available in four scents and fragrance-free.

Just in time for the dry winter season, I love our new ForPro Premium Moisturizing Cotton Gloves. I made the cuff elastic so the gloves stay on when sleeping and the cotton is 100% pure for comfort. Best to use with EMMA Triple Treat!

My last product feature is really out of the beauty space but something I wanted to create because I was irritated buying Finish for the dishwasher because it is overpriced and the only brand in its space. Add the fact that our Ginger Lily Farms Dish Soap is a best-seller on Amazon, it made sense to give Finish a run for its money. Ginger Lily Farms Rinse-Aid has four benefits to keep dishes and glasses looking their best at a fraction of the price. Love it.

I’m an addict, I admit it. I have to get in my daily fix of Candy Crush, Duolingo and Candy Crush is celebrating 10 years and I’m at level 7800 or so. It really is relaxing. Duolingo is the #1 language app and I have been on it for more than three consecutive years. They claim more than 2 million users have at least a one year streak so I am not alone in this department. is the best chess app for playing and learning. I try to play at least 4-5 games daily plus an hour for lessons. I’m currently rated around 1180 Rapid but I will say there is no more challenging and frustrating game as chess. The agony of defeat and the thrill of victory is intense and this with no money on the line.

Happy Wednesday!


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