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Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Afternoon

Updated: May 19, 2023

Here is the state of the world we now live in:

Squid Games. Of course you watched it. The first episode was riveting. Who knew being eliminated in a game meant death? I made it through five episodes, the marble game episode was so disgusting. Why are we fascinated watching innocent people die?

Joe Biden. Has the U.S.A. ever had a more incompetent President? From the borders to his forgetting what to say in speeches to the infrastructure bill to giving away free money to the point people don’t want to work anymore. Biden has made it possible for Americans to quit their jobs and say f—k it. We have more labor strikes since 1945.

Bitcoin. Who is going to win the digital currency war?

Elon Musk. How can one man be worth more than $300 billion or more than Exxon? Or worth more than Toyota, GM and Ford combined? When Tesla reaches $2 trillion in valuation, he will be worth more than $600 billion. The answer: EV’s and batteries are the world’s future and he has more than a ten year head start. Ford is so far behind, much like the Detroit Lions who have yet to win a game this year.

Inflation. It’s here and will be here for a while. Good news for now: Consumers are more than happy to pay higher prices to get the goods they want to buy.

COVID-19. Vegas is packed and you must wear a face mask indoors. It’s the new way of life.

Twisted. I don’t know about you, but watching quick recipe videos is addicting. In a post-COVID world, more people are addicted to something than ever before.

Big companies. You have to go back to the 1920’s when the likes of Ma Bell and Standard Oil ruled the world. Never has so few companies dominated the economy and daily lives of people. Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Costco, and Target. Can you live a single day without one of them?

Jokes. What are jokes? No wonder Seinfeld reruns continue to be the most watched TV series. Post-COVID, laughter is in short supply.

Customer service. Wait, you actually want to talk to someone?

TNG Worldwide. Hey, it’s my blog and I have to write about TNG, right? We’re still at it since 1985 and one thing consumers want most are dependable companies to do business with. And they want new and innovate products too. Now in stock: New and improved nitrile, clear vinyl and black vinyl gloves and next month we launch our holiday gift guide with the most ever new products.

The weather. It’s only getting worse.

2022. Only a couple months away, can you believe? This will tell us the true state of the world we live in. God only knows what the election has in store for us.

Happy Wednesday!


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